Want to Become a Barber go to the best Barber School in Salt Lake City

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American Beauty Academy Campus

  American Beauty Academy  branched into the Salt Lake City Market earlier this year opening not only a new location but adding a well needed Barber Program.  They brought on Ray    Francom the owner of a successful group of Barbershops in Utah known as Ray’s Barber Shop to work as the Director of the new Cosmetology/Barber Academy and also to develop the    curriculum and systems that have made him successful in his field.  Ray is a third generation barber who started his barbering career as a 15 yr old learning the very traditional ways of    barbering from his father in Green River, Wyoming.  He opened his first shop in the Foothill area of Salt Lake City at the age of 25 and was a big part of the resurgence that barbering    has had in the last 10 years.  When the Barber licensing issue came before the legislative committees in 2007 he was there representing the young and new generation of Barbers and  pushed for the licensing of Barbers to separate from Cosmetology.  Ray has experience taking on apprentices and teaching them the time honored techniques of barbering.  He worked  closely with the Hites who are the founders of “The Barber School” helping to teach a specialty classes and working to help students on the clinic floor develop good technique.

  “I love barbering and I love what it has done through the three generations of barbers in my family,  I love everything about it and I love seeing a new barbers excitement to learn and    the gratification they have when they catch on to the techniques” says Francom.  Back in the day Salt lake had a variety of Barber Colleges, Tech schools and Barbering was thriving.  It   is neat to see this long standing profession being reignited and Barbers taking on that entrepreneurial spirit and opening shops and making small local establishments relevant again.

The goal of American Beauty Academy is to help their students to be as well rounded and shop ready so that they can succeed and have a beautiful future in this chosen career path.  “We teach them how to be great with all the tools and techniques that are at their disposal and we want them to not only be good but to be efficient in their approach”.  Ray has always taken pride in being a well rounded barber so when it comes to urban cuts or designs or it be an old school rockabilly look he can teach all styles.  “I never like the feeling of having a customer in my chair and not knowing how to cut this type of hair,  so I forced myself out of my comfort zones to learn and become the best well rounded barber I could be.

American Beauty Academy enrolls in their barbering program every 3 weeks and would love to give you a tour of their facilities call 801.281.6708 to ask for info or schedule a tour today!


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  1. David Drake DeLaurentos

    1 year ago

    Good Morning,

    I would like to find out more about your school. Please advise duration of training and if your school offers financial aid.




  2. Brandon Cordova

    10 months ago

    Been a client of Ray’s for 7 years now. id love to get started with barber school. any info would be greatly appreciated


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