How do I get the perfect part?

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I had a customer return to the shop the other day and ask me, “how did you comb the part in my hair so straight?”  The thought had never even occured to me, but Men’s hairstyles over the past 15 years have not required combing.  Most hairstyles were just brushed or pushed to whatever direction the style needed by the use of fingers.

I don’t even think very many men  even own a comb.  So I decided I would put this little simple tip on here for those of you who have not used a comb to part your hair.

1.  After you have applied hair products of whatever kind take your comb out and comb all your hair straight forward.

2.  You will notice that your comb will leave lines in your hair

3.  Decide where you would like to establish your part and take the comb and place it in one of the lines that has been created by the comb

4.  Simply comb your hair to the side and style as desired.

One more thing be aware of the whorl that we all have on the crown of your head.  That Whorl decides the direction of your hair pattern which can sometimes be interrupted by cowlicks.  All of these will affect the way your hair pattern flows.  When combing if you are trying to comb your hair against the hair pattern you will find the hair will not lay as smoothly so be careful to work with your hair pattern for an easier time keeping your hair well groomed.


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    Thank you fothis it will be very helpful


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