Layrite is a great pomade for that vintage look!

September 19th, 2012 · 9:54 pm @   -  2 Comments

Layrite is a great hair pomade for many great looks.  If you are looking to pull off a pompadour or any other vintage look this product is great.  It also works well for Flat Tops, Crew Cuts, Mo hawks or Fo hawks or any other style that needs a good hold.   It holds like the wax pomades but washes out like gel.

We carry this product in 4 oz or 32 oz cans for those of you who go through it fast.

For best results:

Get desired amount on your hand and rub together till it is evenly distributed on your palms.  Then rub through all parts of your hair to get equal distribution throughout your hair.   This will hold well if your hair is dry as you place the product throughout.  Then use a comb and style.  If your hair seems to stiff in certain areas apply a light amount of water and it will loosen the stiffness.

So as the motto states “Put the look of Love in your hair!”

2 Comments → “Layrite is a great pomade for that vintage look!”

  1. Jean

    4 years ago

    How much is the LayRite?
    Would it be good for a man’s tight curly hair?


    • admin

      4 years ago

      Yes to answer your questions the Regular Layrite sells for 14.99 and the Super hold layrite sells for 15.99. As far as using in mans tight curly hair it would depend on what look your trying to go for if you are trying to have curly hair but no frizz it wont be your look in that case I would suggest using Woody’s Cream it works well for curly hair. But if you trying to use this pomade to hold a certain look I would think the super hold would be good but it all depends on what you want your end result to look like.


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